Spaying and neutering provides many benefits to both the community and the pet.  Let’s talk about both.

How Spay/Neuter Helps the Community

Spaying and neutering private pets is important.  Some owners believe that simply keeping a close eye on their animal is sufficient in preventing them from needing to be fixed.  This works until it the moment it doesn’t.  This is particularly true if you allow your dog or cat to go in the yard while you’re indoors.

It is also important for community cats.  A reasonable number of feral cats are desirable; they keep the rodent population at bay by patrolling a barn or city block and aren’t generally a nuisance to humans.  The important part is the first three words of that sentence.  A reasonable number is key.  There’s no need for an excessive number as there is only so much food for them to catch.  With the help of volunteers in their spare time, the community cat population can be controlled through TNR (Trap Neuter Release.) This humane process allows the cats to be free and have a positive impact on people around them.

Benefits To Your Pet

While the exact benefits to your pet will vary species to species and breed to breed, most science points to a reduced risk of cancer and a longer life.

Spaying prevents your pet from going into heat.  Not only does a heat happen twice yearly for dogs, and even more for cats, onset can happen as early as four months of age.  It can make the house a little messy.  There are behavioral advantages as well.  Spaying prevents a natural urge (and the attraction of males) to breed, which can keep your animal calmer as well as reduce the likelihood of a male suitor seeking her out.

Neutering won’t make your male pet feel less manly. That’s a human trait that he doesn’t know.  It will, however, stop him from seeking out females to mate with which can reduce the risk of fighting over a paramour or contracting a disease.  Neutered canines and felines show calmer behavior and decreased aggression. Without the distraction of wanting to mate, your pet will be easier to bond with.